Order! Order in the court!

Mr. Old: "I can't run as fast. I play tennis 5 days a week, and my serve isn't as strong as it was years ago."

Dr. Grumpy: "Dave, you're 85. You can't expect to be the same person you were years ago. None of us can. The fact that you're as healthy and active as you are at 85 is remarkable in itself."

Lady Old: "Dave, listen to the doctor. We're both getting old. We need to accept that, and be glad for what we have."

Mr. Old: "OH! Like you're one to talk!"

Lady Old: "What do you mean by that?"

Mr. Old: "You're the one getting your boobs fixed, or some other procedure, every other month!"

Lady Old: "That's different! It's for my self esteem! So I don't feel old!"

Mr. Old: "It isn't any different! And your boob jobs and stuff are a hell of a lot more expensive than a round of tennis!"

Lady Old "Leave my breasts out of this! This is your appointment!"

Mr. Old "It's not like you ever let me go to yours!"
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