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Yep, Poot's birthday is this week... he's turning 35.  Why yes, I DID marry a younger man, thanks for noticing ;)  At least I look younger than he does... sucka!  Dang it, this isn't nearly as fun as it should be... he doesn't even know what my blog site address is.  But, I'll be sure to relay that bit of info to him in a few days anyway :)

ANYhoo, I decided that the babies should give Daddy a birthday card this year... it's been awhile since they've done that :)  For those of you new to my blog, allow me to introduce you to the babies, Heidi & Thor:

Heidi is the blonde & Thor is the redhead.  She's uber-hyper & a licker and he's totally laid back & only gives kisses on occasion.  She is a Daddy's girl, and he a definite Mama's boy.  This is where I typically find them... napping on our bed.  Heidi is obviously no lady.

Heidi usually wedges herself between Poot and I in the middle of the night, and we have to fight to get her back on the floor.  Both of the babies end up in bed with us in the morning, usually nosing us awake to get their breakfast... damn kids. :)  They NEVER let us sleep in.

As you can see, Heidi is a spread-eagle back sleeper, and Thor curls up in a tight ball... usually with his face covered with a blankie or his paw.

Now that you've seen the babies in real life, here they are in rubber stamp form :)  Aren't they the CA-YOOTIST BABIES EVER?!  I know, they are... both in real life AND on this card, right?!

I know... the colors are way brighter than they should be, but I'm still working on my Copic collection :)  But could those stamp images be ANY MORE PERFECT?!  I know!

The "We're" on the front is handwritten, as well as the sentiment on the inside.  I tried to make the signature look like child's handwriting... I know... I'm a goof.  But the paw prints really seal the deal, right?

Stamps:  Good Dog, paw print (unknown)
Other:  Juliette & Mimi hardware, PTI wood grain texture plate
Copics:  E09, E31, E35, V99, Y11, Y15, YR07, YR18, YR 23

So there it is.  All the cuteness that is my babies...

What do you think?
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